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by johncolucci

MTV shows us some cyber stuff, in 1994
Earlier this week, BuzzFeed took us back to 1994. Those halcyon days when the "M" in MTV really did stand for "music." In particular, we got a taste of something Kurt Loder threw together about a little company you may have heard of -- America On-Line. (Video here: http://engt.co/1ph0wc0)
Back before there was Twitter, if you wanted to get up and personal with your favorite boy band, bulletin boards were... Read more →

by RandomBytes

Logins and comments
created an account directly on Engadget but I can't make comments. Sent an email to "contact us" to ask about it and received: I'm sorry to inform you that the message below could not be delivered. When delivery was attempted, the following error was returned. What gives?

by silverwolf72

Cannot log in to my Engadget account on the Android app
I just created this Engadget account and logged in on my computer using Firefox 28. I downloaded the Engadget app from the Play Store onto my Galaxy S4. When I log in with the exact same account and password, the login is rejected. I have tried changing the password on the computer and using the new password on the Android app with the same result.

And before anyone asks, I am using the Engadget account login, not social login.

Help appreciated. Thank you.

by christiancasill

What do I need to major in to do what you guys do?
I'm currently a computer science major (BS) and starting at a community college, I'm almost done with my first year and, now that I'm getting closer to the end of this first one, I'm not so sure I want to do computer science anymore. I'm deeply interested in what you guys do though! Writing about technology in a way that helps the consumer and people who are really interested and I come to this site multiple times a day. My question is: what did you guys major in? Journalism? some sort of tech... Read more →

by polatoglou

Engadget posts
Is there any problem with the website? Posts older than January 2014 are not available!

by soopafly

Engadget login?
I'm confused.. what's the difference between the login on the upper right of the page vs. the login to comment. It seems that I cannot comment anymore. My comments only show up when I'm logged in to Livefyre.

by Aegorenberg

Cannot view comments on Android (Samsung Note 2)
I must be missing something. I am not able to view the comments after a post on Engadget on my Samsung Note 2 -- neither with the Engadget app nor using the Android browser? Suggestions?

by DJKiran

Bug with time tag
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but I've found a minor bug.

The date tags on articles from a couple days ago default to the time right now.

See the image - My time is GMT, and I am assuming the date displayed on the article is CST.


by teapower

gdgt stickers for sale
I have original gdgt stickers for sale. I have 2 gray, 2 blue, 2 green, 1 black, and a few "HAVE" stickers. gdgt stickers are $5, "HAVE" $4. I'll cut you a deal if you want a few.


by Dignan17

My Oldest Saved RSS Story
I don't know what this has to do with anything, but recently I remembered that when I migrated from Google Reader to Feedly, it did a fantastic job at converting my starred articles to their "Saved For Later" category. Over the years I had starred dozens - maybe hundreds - of articles in Google Reader, and impressively Feedly carried every one of those over, going back YEARS.
In fact, the oldest article I have in my saved area is none other than an article from Engadget. A thrilling story about... Read more →