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by Met

Contact Us Page Not Working?
Page I'm referring to:Contact Us link at the bottom of every page: http://www.engadget.com/about/contact/
"If you are having technical issues with the site, please use this form instead." link: http://www.engadget.com/about/support/
I used that support a few months ago about something I think a little too sensitive to post on the forums and got no reply. I tried again less than a week ago, but again no answer. When will that page be fixed? And where can I ask something more privately than the...

by putukertyasa

Engadget as PDF
It that possible i get Engadget as PDF file so i can read like a newspapers.

by matenje

comments not showning
comments not showing in chrome browser for desktop

by fella

Please bring Disqus back.
As you all know, Engadget switched from Disqus to livefyre a few years ago. Since then Disqus has gone though drastic changes and is far better compared to livefyre. Personally, i think livefyre is terrible for many reasons. It's slow, buggy and is absolutely terrible for discussions because of the structure. Almost every other tech blog uses Disqus for a reason. I think it's time Engadget switched back to disqus. As loyal readers/participants of this site, I think we deserve a better commenting...

by Ordeith

LiveFyre errors
Nice.. clicked save and my wall of text disappeared.

The Summary:

The Livefyre views are inconsistent. Comments that are visible in one view are not visible in another. It is a mess. any fix?

Also, forum participation seems to be broken in IE again...

by frankspin

Have you tried using a standing desk? If so, did it convert you or did fall back into your chair?
Our wonderful, and funny, Daniel Cooper shared (http://www.engadget.com/2014/08/18/irl-homemade-s... his experiences with using a standing desk for work. I currently don't have one at home myself, but when I was visiting our San Francisco office I had the pleasure of using one. I only had the opportunity of using it for two days, but I have to say I agree with Dan on this... Read more →

by pball

Bug with new site layout
I found two issues with the new site layout. One is a bug and the other is an annoyance. The bug being if I have my browser not full screen and then full screen it the comment section loads twice. It happens in multiple articles using firefox and chrome. That also causes anything written in the comment text box to be erased.
The second issue is I have my browser half screen width on my 1920x1080 monitor and the comment box and all the comments are cut off a tiny bit. On the old site this issue... Read more →